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About Us

About Us

Uday Ceramics commenced its journey in the year 1991 from Thangadh in the state of Gujarat in India. Its main aim was to manufacture quality sanitary ware for Indian Markets. Starting off as a traditional small family owned manufacturing unit, they struggled for some years. The top management however, worked hard to stay afloat and be successful. Within 5 years they found sustainable markets. This was a result of their persistent focus on manufacturing quality goods and making quality their biggest focal point.

In the last decade the company has become one of the strongest forces to reckon with in the sanitary ware markets. Having evolved with time and always having an inclination for systematic and modern production systems, the company could efficiently produce high quality sanitary ware and supply it in India and abroad.

Today, the company stands tall with excellent brand and goodwill. With a very wide range to boast off and an equally strong manpower running the plant 24/7 supported by the latest technology, the company can produce and delivery large quantities of products smoothly and efficiently.

When you deal with Uday Ceramics, you can rest assured.

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